August 2014, WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle

August 2014, WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle

The feast of warm colours - a characteristic feature of paintings by Joanna Tokarczyk that will be presented at the GOLDEN MOMENTS. Images of dreams and events exhibition presented to the wider public in the WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle.

oil paintings exhibition by Joanna TokarczykAs the title suggests the presented work constitutes the painter's personal diary that by means of  the brush and oil memorize sensations and experiences, sharing with us her vision of a subjective sense of transience.
The original work of young artist challenges the generally accepted model of artistic convention usually inlfuencing the viewer with existential sadness and confusion often even with downright incomprehensible ugliness or eccentricity. On  Joanna's paintings we will not find shocking content affected with existential pessimism, so characteristic of the majority of contemporary artists. Therefore her work can be safely  included to the niche genres of art. Although full of joy it is simultaneously a reflective art,  mysterious and dreamy, bursting with baroque richness and rich in all shades of red. Despite abundance of expression, the artist skillfully maintains balance and avoids the triumph of form over substance. Warm colours and soft line bring to the mind a quote from Emerson "The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone". But the young artist can catch such moments and give them a solid form changing  sand into gold.

Joanna Babiarz

The vernissage of “GOLDEN MOMENTS. Images of dreams and events” paintings exhibition by Joanna Tokarczyk
on 2 August 2014 at 5.00 pm
in the WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle

WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle
(Muzeum Zbrojownia na Zamku w Liwie)
2  Stefana Batorego Street, Wegrow, Poland


LIW Castle - In the first quarter of the XV century Janusz I the Older, prince of Mazovia, founded a new castle close to the Liwiec River, which was the border of Poland and Lithuania these times. The greatest disaster for Liw were the so-called Swedish Wars. In 1656 -57 and in 1703 the Swedish Army conquered and destroyed the fortress. Afterwards (in 1782) in the ruins there was built Baroque - style manor which was burnt by accident in the middle of XIX c. The caatle was renovated between 1942-44 and 1955-61. The Museum Armoury has been established in 1963. Interesting collection contains old weapons, the paintings and the furniture.


The project was complited with the support of the BIELECKI ART FOUNDATION, which conducts cultural, educational and social projects and supports creative, passionate artists in their professional development and careers.