„I feed you with what I feed on.” Saint Augustine

"Can art be linked with ideology and philosophy defining and shaping times in which we live in? Or is there art for art's sake in a pure form, influenced by nothing. Of course not. Artists always served something or someone. They carried out specific orders. Their only possession was the unique style specific of time and place in which they created. And the eternal link to the past of antic triad: goodness, truth and beauty.

The inner child

inner child

The inner child is the part of us  bound with the natural drives of man, with  spontaneous, natural expressing of feelings and needs. The inner child has the ability of experiencing everything  whether joy or fear in a deep, spontaneous, natural way. The innner child  expresses our sensuality and sexuality but also it poseses the courage to decide about ourselves, to protect our territory by saying "yes" or "no".
The inner child means freshness and directness of experience. The intuition and intuitive system of values. Living here and now, not somewhere in the past or future.  The inner child knows that love, freedom and truth are crucial in life.

Wojciech Eichelberger - How to raise a happy child


translation: Patrycja Krynicka