March 2017, BATKO Gallery, Ochojno

5th March (Sunday) at 5.00 o'clock I invite you to BATKO Art Gallery in Ochojno gm. Świątniki Górne for the vernissage of the painting exhibition "Women about ..." connected with the Fado concert of Kinga Rataj

June 2016, "Odrobina Dobrej Woli", Kraków

"PRESENT" oil paintings exhibition and sounds of Tibetan bowls in The Yoga School "Odrobina Dobrej Woli" / "A bit of Goodwill"
June 24, 2016 (Friday) at 6.00 pm

Caffe Crema "In Connection with Everything"

I believe they serve the best coffee in Giżycko. You can smell, taste and drink the coffee while listening to jazz music in the background, and spend your time relaxing while looking at my paintings

"Women for Women" exhibition of paintings

The vernissage will take place on 8th March 2015 (Sunday) at 6 p.m. Visitors will have an oportunity to listen to the Tamara Kalinowska's concert, an artist of the "Piwnica pod Baranami".

February 2015, FOYER Gallery, Katowice

Exhibition of paintings - HOLY PEACE - to feel the sense of what is happening

August 2014, WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle

The feast of warm colours - a characteristic feature of paintings by Joanna Tokarczyk that will be presented at the GOLDEN MOMENTS. Images of dreams and events exhibition presented to the wider public in the WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle.

May 2014, Hotel**** ARŁAMÓW patio

The exhibition of paintings "Where the Angels live" can be seen in the stylish interior of Hotel**** ARŁAMÓW on May and June 2014. You can see and purchase paintings by artists such as Jolanta BIEDROŃ, Jolanta HAŁAS, Halina KAŹMIERCZAK, Anna MASIUL-GOZDECKA, Anna ROSIEK, Marta SOBCZAK-PIĘTOŃ, Joanna TOKARCZYK

April 2014, A bit of Good Will Yoga School, Cracow

The opening of the energizing painting combined with relaxing sounds of bowls and gongs

Opening of the exhibition "Women for Women" in The BATKO Gallery - 9th March at 6.00 pm


The woman - gentle, sentimental, romantic, and strong, resourceful, assertive ...
on Sunday - during the opening of an art exhibition of women painters women - will waiting for you the unique opportunity to meet with all of them.

December 2013, Farmona Hotel Business & SPA

Joanna Tokarczyk oil paintings exhibition is presented in hall of FARMONA Hotel Business & SPA in Cracow

November 2013, BANIA Hotel **** Thermal & Ski, Białka Tatrzańska

The exhibition of paintings and photography 'Where the Angels live' can be seen in the stylish interior of Hotel BANIA **** Thermal & Ski (November 2013 - March 2014, Białka Tatrzańska, The Tatra Mountains, Poland)

October 2013, Stary Browar, Poznań

Gala of DRESS for SUCCESS Poland - 29th October 2013 in Stary Browar, Poznan

September 2013, ZAJAZD Gallery, Cracow


17 September - 17 October 2013
ZAJAZD Gallery
Centrum Kultury Dworek Białoprądnicki,
3 Białopradnicka Street, CRACOW

August 2012, Klubokawiarnia TOWARZYSKA, Warsaw

Klubokawiarnia TOWARZYSKA,Warszawa


"Four gardens" oil paintings exhibition of Renata BRZOZOWSKA, Renata DOMAGALSKA, Anna MASIUL-GOZDECKA and Joanna TOKARCZYK

Vernisage on 18th August 2012r.
Klubokawiarnia TOWARZYSKA
49 Zwycięzców Street, WARSZAWA

July 2012, WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle

WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle


POLISH GARDENS JAPANESE GARDENS oil paintings exhibition

14th July 2012
WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle
(Muzeum Zbrojownia na Zamku w Liwie)
ul. S. Batorego 2, LIW, Poland

Artists presenting their paintings: Joanna BĄK, Jolanta BIEDROŃ, Renata BRZOZOWSKA, Renata DOMAGALSKA, Wacław JAGIELSKI, Halina KAŹMIERCZYK, Anna MASIUL-GOZDECKA, Anna ROSIEK, Marta SOBCZAK-PIĘTOŃ, Joanna TOKARCZYK, Jerzy TREIT.

We would like to feed our guests who will come to see our painting – colorful, poetic mark of imagination - with beauty and harmony. We would like to invite you to the world enchanted by Polish and Japanese gardens.

LIW Castle - In the first quarter of the XV century Janusz I the Older, prince of Mazovia, founded a new castle close to the Liwiec River, which was the border of Poland and Lithuania these times. The greatest disaster for Liw were the so-called Swedish Wars. In 1656 -57 and in 1703 the Swedish Army conquered and destroyed the fortress. Afterwards (in 1782) in the ruins there was built Baroque - style manor which was burnt by accident in the middle of XIX c. The caatle was renovated between 1942-44 and 1955-61. The Museum Armoury has been established in 1963. Interesting collection contains old weapons, the paintings and the furniture.

The exhibition is under the patronage of BIELECKI ART, which pursue cultural, educational and social projects and suport creative and passionate artists on their fertile development path.

May 2012, SWIATLOCIEN Gallery, Krakow



POLISH GARDENS JAPANESE GARDENS oil paintings exhibition of artist gathered around SISTO Gallery

2 Fałata Street
30-118 KRAKÓW, Poland

May 2012, ARTEXPO Art Fair, Krakow Conference Centre The Manor in Tomaszowice



For the second time the Art Fair will be organized by The Manor in Tomaszowice, which aims to facilitate interaction between artists from the whole world, and customers and intermediaries in the course of works of art: collectors, marshands, exhibitors, owners of auction houses, galleries and antique shops and art lovers.

April 2012, Limanowa

"POLISH GARDENS JAPANESE GARDENS" oil paintings and photos exhibition is the painterly tale about Polish and Japanese gardens of artists gathered around SISTO Gallery
vernisage on 13th April 2012

in addition I have a pleasure to invite you for Magda SZUMILAS and Joanna LIGAS music concert

Galeria Sztuki przy Powiatowej i Miejskiej Bibliotece Publicznej
ul. M. B. Bolesnej 13, LIMANOWA

The exhibition is under the patronage of BIELECKI ART, which pursue cultural, educational and social projects and suport creative and passionate artists on their fertile development path.

photo Michał Rybka

March 2012, "Polish Gardens Japanese Gardens", Myslenice

Oil paintings exhibition "Polish Gardens Japanese Gardens"
March 2012, Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej MOKiS, Myslenice

March 2012, "Heart, head, body - about woman", SWIATLOCIEN Gallery, Kraków

Galeria SWIATLOCIEN, Krakow


The oil paintings exhibition "Heart, head, body - about woman"
March 2012

You can see the art work of the artist below: Alena Antosz, Renata Brzozowska, Renata Domagalska, Sylwia Gondeck, Monika Hartman, Jagoda Kaczmarczyk-Hudzik, Halina Kaźmierczak, Dagmara Kwiatek, Klaudia Mostowik, Joanna Róg-Ociepka, Iwona Targosz-Chwierut, Joanna Tokarczyk, Dorota Wysocka-Rzeszutek

Falata Street 2
30-118 Krakow, Poland