Selected exhibitions:

Immersed in the prose of life, in its gray and difficult everyday life, we often forget to notice, appreciate and marvel at the faithfully lasting next to us Nature, with all the richness of its constantly changing shapes, colors and moods. After a capricious frosty winter, we are looking forward to the first greens heralding more sun and warmer days. The approaching spring will bring another rebirth of nature, awakening and hope. With the bloom of new life in nature, we will feel a surge of vitality and relief for the soul.

Greens and blues have always been associated with rest. Shades of spring greenery, sprouting grass and timidly blooming post-winter flowers make us optimistic. They bring respite, a lot of joy and a lot of good to all of us.

For the March exhibition, this time we invited Artists who, like us, can draw a lot of positive energy from Nature and share with others what inspires them in their lives and work. At the exhibition, we will present works from various fields of art: oil paintings and watercolors by Jolanta Hałas, acrylic paintings by Marlena Rakoczy, drawings and oil paintings by Małgorzata Zofia Maćkowiak and Joanna Tokarczyk, and artistic fabric by Dorota Ryn-Holcer. We chose images related to the upcoming season. We are all waiting for spring. However, before we dive into the natural greenery of the outdoors and feel this spring in ourselves, we encourage and invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Immerse yourself in greens" taking place on Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 5pm and seeing our spring works in the intimate RYZA Gallery located in the heart of magical Krakow on the Small Market Square.

Joanna Tokarczyk and Dorota Ryn-Holcer

The exhibition is open from 1 to 31 March 2023
from Tuesday to Friday from 3pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 1pm

Ryza Gallery
4 Mikołajska Street, Krakow, Poland

In one of the rooms of the former restaurant, still remembered by older Cracovians, we present the works of artists associated with this place: Zbigniew Czop, Małgorzata Zofia Maćkowiak, Władysław Szyszko and Joanna Tokarczyk. Four different views on a man, and also within the works of a given artist one can see the diversity that we represent not only in the physical context, but also in the mental and the subtlest - spiritual context. A delicate woman is a frequent guest in the studios of sensitive artists who create alternative realities. Our exhibition is also a journey through techniques - from noble, slowly disappearing copperplate engraving to contemporary graphic arts and painting.

We are heterogenic and each person has a different inner man wrapped in a different packaging. There is something about self-seeking in feminine's posing in front of the mirror or looking at herself in shop windows. Even what we don't want to see and what we criticize is very meaningful. Every judgment is indicative of the message sender, of what she/he fears or desires. The standards we consider to be right, those which we accept or those that we criticize say a lot about ourselves. How much are we afraid of being excluded and what poses do we assume to fit our lives within the framework set by other people? The number of accepted standards has significantly increased in recent years. It was not without struggle and public outrage, not to mention artists themselves who often had their brushes in it. We are a colorful multitude and life offers us many opportunities.

Delicacy in dealing with personal choices is more creative than force equated to destruction. That is why a delicate woman is a frequent guest in the studios of sensitive artists who naturally create alternative realities. Feminine qualities make it easier to reach deep emotional levels and express them. It's easier and quicker for a woman to communicate that even a strong person needs to be taken care of and surrounded by tenderness. This ease in saying "hug me" has been envied by men and sometimes they assume a feminine pose in order to non-verbally express their natural need for touch.

Accepting diversity in ourselves and others allows you to be open to changes and changes invariably have been going on for centuries. This movement inspires and encourages us to notice who we are becoming.

The exhibition at the RYZA Gallery in Mały Rynek in Krakow will be open from Tuesday to Sunday 11 to 18 June 2022, 12.00-6.00p.m.

Ryza Gallery
4 Mikołajska Street, Krakow, Poland

I was invited by Joanna Banek to participate in the collective art exhibition of a noble group of female artists named JOANNA. I'm pleased to invite you to this name-day art exhibition of the artists: Banek, Gałecka, Nalepa, Róg-Ociepka, Rudek, Stawowy, Styrylska, Tokarczyk, Warchoł, Zemanek.

The art exhibition vernissage will take place on May 24, 2022 (Tuesday) at 5.00 p.m.

The art exhibition "My name is Joanna" - accompanying to the 3. Krakowskie Spotkania Artystyczne TERYTORIA - will be open until June 20, 2022
Free entrance

Kotłownia Gallery
Politechnika Krakowska, 24 Warszawska Street, Krakow, Poland

Use the "soft tone" when most of the people around us trying to convince each other: "you should vote for this party", "you have to get vaccinated" or on the contrary, don't do it ... What exactly do we want? Do we want to be right - even proven by disease or death - or do we want our own and other people's well-being?

At this exhibition, where women are painted, we talk about beauty, passions, tasty, healthy cuisine, always appropriate weather (e.g. for sleeping) and reasons to laugh.

Galeria RYZA, 4 Mikołajska Street (Mały Rynek), Krakow
Federacja Regionalnych Związków Gmin i Powiatów RP

Banksy, one of my favorite artists said "If you're tired, learn to rest, not to quit." I found his words in the book "HVILE. How the Norwegian art of laziness will save our lives" by Siw Aduvill, which inspired me to paint a picture and organize an exhibition entitled "Lofty purpose ... rest." I invite to my painting world people who have time to reflect, gently signal the need for composing oneself and regeneration. They rest guilt-free and have the power to create a healthy life.

Library Królewska Street, Kraków, Poland


The emotions accompanying life experiences have many colors. Every being, human or animal is a set of experiences. The way they react to images, situations, the presence of other people also talks about them. "Everyone judges according to itself" - this is an important and developing hint, if we look more closely and consciously at our own reactions than we focus on criticizing the environment. I listen, I look. Reading art is also done through our own internal prism. I have the impression that when someone says "I don't know much about art", then the person is afraid of its opinions. He or she is afraid to discover itself, his or her associations and emotions. Perhaps what was read in the picture was pain and it wasn't comfortable but ... we have to like it. We don't have to like the work of Adam Mickiewicz or Zdzisław Beksiński, even if we see their genius. I don't always paint comfortable floral compositions, although I think about it more and more often. I paint atoms, spheres, sets of points and particles. Someone saw in my painting "blisters, something burning". I wondered - what is burning? Then the thought came - jealousy. Another thought appeared - whose jealousy? Mine or the viewer's jealousy? I didn't have that intention when I was painting this picture. I didn't have it consciously but the feeling appeared in my life also, so maybe it also flashed onto the canvas. Then someone using its own pattern of experience - including jealousy - read what he or she carries inside, what was important to him or her in that moment of life. About five or six years ago I bought a large, durable, rainbow umbrella. I'm walking under it on a rainy days. The people often used to smile to me seeing these colors, just like that. now, since for some of us the rainbow began to be associated with something hostile, they sometimes tell me that I provoke. I don't provoke. I gave myself the freedom to see the colors, each one and all together. I don't expect the sun to always turn yellow at the sunrise and sunset moments... I cultivate clarity of thinking. I observe my perception of colors, shapes and events. They are a valuable guide in reading ourselves.

Jerzy Piotrowicz Gallery (Galeria Jerzego Piotrowicza pod Koroną), 3/5 Kramarska Street, 61-765 Poznań, Poland

A friendly place for enthusiasts of sound and lovers of silence. It offers rooms for workshops, music lessons and concerts: Sun Hall - full equipment for musicians, Earth Hall - an ideal place for workshops and classes, Moon Hall - yoga, pilates and meditations. This is the place where you can see and purchase the calm paintings from the photos below

Imperium Muzyka | Music Empire, 34 Przewoz Street, Cracow, Poland, phone +48 798 115 323

The exhibition 'Women about ..' is permanently inscribed in the calendar of March events in the Batko Gallery. On 24 March at 18.00 you will be able to see works by: Natalia Batko, Emilia Gąsienica Setlak, Hanna Gąsienica Samek, Anna Kostenko, Anna Spałek Młynarczyk, Megia Piu, Anna Maria Szpecht, Joanna Tokarczyk, Małgorzata Toborowicz. The paintings on various subjects have one common point: they all have been painted by the hands of women. The vernissage will be preceded by an excellent soprano-piano duo performed by Joanna Trafas and Emilia Bernacka in the program "Woman is variable ...". The virtuosity of performance and close contact with the audience will create a unique atmosphere. It will be a musical tale about changing moods, dreams, tears and triumphs. From the Musetta famous opera waltz Musetta from "La Bohème" by the dreamy and spontaneous dancing operetta songs, salon songs from the turn of the century to the immortal jazz songs. Composers of the 19th and 20th centuries: Polish, European, American, well-known and undiscovered gems. The artists are known for creating a direct relationship with their audience, a duo of friends who have been together for a decade.

Galeria Sztuki BATKO, Ochojno, ul. Podhalańska 14, 32-040 Świątniki Górne

My paintings can be viewed and bought in Kraków and Nawojowa near Nowy Sacz in HM Manufaktura Mebli showrooms. This Polish manufacturer of upholstered furniture creates a functional art, which in its form - like the brush marks on my canvases - is distinguished by a wavy and soft shape. Exposure addresses: HM Manufaktura Mebli Showroom, 27 Nowosądecka Steet, 33-335 NAWOJOWA (Nowy Sącz) and 71 Rakowicka Street, 31-521 KRAKOW

"Once again, the foyer of the Congress Center "Gerlach" turns into an art gallery. This time we have the pleasure to watch the work of Joanna Tokarczyk - painter, illustrator, graphic designer, graduate of the State High School of Visual Arts A. Kenar in Zakopane and the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. The exhibition can be seen in Nosalowy Dwór Resort & SPA in Zakopane, in the foyer of the Congress Center "Gerlach".

Woman - delicate, sentimental, romantic, and also strong, resourceful, resolute ... On Sunday, 8th March, during the vernissage of the exhibition "Women on Women" at the BATKO Art Gallery, you could meet all her faces. You can see and purchase paintings by artists: Natalia Batko, Emilia Gąsienica-Setlak, Kamila Gruszecka, Halina Kaźmierczak, Renata Kulig-Radziszewska, Maggie Piu, Aleksandra Szczepanik-Szałas, Joanna Tokarczyk. Visitors will have an oportunity to listen to the Tamara Kalinowska's concert, an artist of the "Piwnica pod Baranami".Visitors will have an oportunity to listen to the Tamara Kalinowska's concert, an artist of the "Piwnica pod Baranami". / fot. Marta Kaczmarczyk

"HOLY PEACE" the exhibition of Joanna Tokarczyk oil paintings. / The project was complited with the support of the BIELECKI ART FOUNDATION, which conducts cultural, educational and social projects and supports creative, passionate artists in their professional development and careers. :: Galeria FOYER w Teatrze Śląskim, Rynek 10, KATOWICE

"The feast of warm colours - a characteristic feature of paintings by Joanna Tokarczyk that will be presented at the GOLDEN MOMENTS. Images of dreams and events exhibition presented to the wider public in the WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle. As the title suggests the presented work constitutes the painter's personal diary that by means of the brush and oil memorize sensations and experiences, sharing with us her vision of a subjective sense of transience. The original work of young artist challenges the generally accepted model of artistic convention usually inlfuencing the viewer with existential sadness and confusion often even with downright incomprehensible ugliness or eccentricity. On Joanna's paintings we will not find shocking content affected with existential pessimism, so characteristic of the majority of contemporary artists. Therefore her work can be safely included to the niche genres of art. Although full of joy it is simultaneously a reflective art, mysterious and dreamy, bursting with baroque richness and rich in all shades of red. Despite abundance of expression, the artist skillfully maintains balance and avoids the triumph of form over substance. Warm colours and soft line bring to the mind a quote from Emerson "The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone". But the young artist can catch such moments and give them a solid form changing sand into gold." ~ Joanna Czernik-Zemanek

WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle (Muzeum Zbrojownia na Zamku w Liwie), 2 S. Batorego Street, Wegrow, Poland

Joanna Tokarczyk oil paintings exhibition in the patio of ARŁAMÓW Hotel**** / Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland

The woman - gentle, sentimental, romantic, and strong, resourceful, assertive ... on Sunday 9th March - during the opening of an art exhibition of women painters women - will waiting for you the unique opportunity to meet with all of them. Halina Kaźmierczak - initiator of the collective exhibition - invited artists such as Natalia Batko, Emilia Gąsienica-Setlak, Kamila Gruszecka, Krystyna Kania, Małgorzata Lehmann, Joanna Tokarczyk. The vernissage will feature by Bulat Okudzhava beautiful music. Performed by outstanding pianist Valentin Dubrowski. / fot. Marek Kaźmierczak and Batko Gallery

"... the paintings are a personal diary of a painter stopping fleeting sensations and experiences with a brush ..." - Joanna Babiarz / Joanna Tokarczyk's oil painting exhibition can be seen in the FARMONA Hotel Business & SPA in Krakow.

The exhibition of Joanna Tokarczyk oil paintings accompanying to the Gala of DRESS for SUCCESS Poland - 29th October 2013 in Stary Browar, Poznan / photos Joanna Tokarczyk and Krzysztof Skórka

Vernissage in Klubokawiarnia Towarzyska on Saska Kępa, Warszawa. This summertime exhibition called "Cztery ogrody" / "Four Gardens" are paintings by authorship of four artists: Renata BRZOZOWSKA, Renata DOMAGALSKA, Anna MASIUL-GOZDECKA i Joanna TOKARCZYK.

Klubokawiarnia TOWARZYSKA, 49 Zwycięzców Street, WARSZAWA

Vernissage on 14th July 2012. Artists presenting their paintings: Joanna BĄK, Jolanta BIEDROŃ, Renata BRZOZOWSKA, Renata DOMAGALSKA, Wacław JAGIELSKI, Halina KAŹMIERCZYK, Anna MASIUL-GOZDECKA, Anna ROSIEK, Marta SOBCZAK-PIĘTOŃ, Joanna TOKARCZYK, Jerzy TREIT. We would like to feed our guests who will come to see our painting – colorful, poetic mark of imagination - with beauty and harmony. We would like to invite you to the world enchanted by Polish and Japanese gardens. / LIW Castle - In the first quarter of the XV century Janusz I the Older, prince of Mazovia, founded a new castle close to the Liwiec River, which was the border of Poland and Lithuania these times. The greatest disaster for Liw were the so-called Swedish Wars. In 1656 -57 and in 1703 the Swedish Army conquered and destroyed the fortress. Afterwards (in 1782) in the ruins there was built Baroque - style manor which was burnt by accident in the middle of XIX c. The caatle was renovated between 1942-44 and 1955-61. The Museum Armoury has been established in 1963. Interesting collection contains old weapons, the paintings and the furniture. WIEZA Gallery, LIW Castle (Muzeum Zbrojownia na Zamku w Liwie), 2 Batorego Street, LIW, Poland / The exhibition is under the patronage of BIELECKI ART, which pursue cultural, educational and social projects and suport creative and passionate artists on their fertile development path.

"POLISH GARDENS JAPANESE GARDENS" oil paintings and photos exhibition is the painterly tale about Polish and Japanese gardens of artists gathered around SISTO Gallery: Jolanta BIEDROŃ, Renata BRZOZOWSKA, Renata DOMAGALSKA, Wacław JAGIELSKI, Anna MASIUL-GOZDECKA, Anna ROSIEK, Marta SOBCZAK-PIĘTOŃ, Joanna TOKARCZYK, Jerzy TREIT. Exibition also includes photographs of Joanna BĄK and Michał RYBKA. / Vernisage on 13th April 2012. In addition I have a pleasure to invite you for Magda SZUMILAS and Joanna LIGAS music concert. / The exhibition is under the patronage of BIELECKI ART, which pursue cultural, educational and social projects and suport creative and passionate artists on their fertile development path. / photo Michał Rybka.

The oil paintings exhibition "Heart, head, body - about woman". The idea of the exhibition was based on the idea of showing pictures whose theme is a woman seen through the eyes of other women. A woman, as everyone knows, has many faces, and how many and how various it will be possible to see thanks to the presented art works authored by many artists. Their paintings are an opportunity to delight, surprise, reverie and experience real aesthetic pleasure. The exhibition will include oil paintings of: Alena Antosz, Renata Brzozowska, Renata Domagalska, Sylwia Gondeck, Monika Hartman, Jagoda Kaczmarczyk-Hudzik, Halina Kaźmierczak, Dagmara Kwiatek, Klaudia Mostowik, Joanna Róg-Ociepka, Iwona Targosz-Chwierut, Joanna Tokarczyk, Dorota Wysocka-Rzeszutek.


An exhibition is the painterly tale about Polish and Japanese gardens of artists gathered around SISTO Gallery – Sztuka Artists presenting their paintings: Jolanta BIEDROŃ, Renata BRZOZOWSKA, Renata DOMAGALSKA, Wacław JAGIELSKI, Anna MASIUL-GOZDECKA, Anna ROSIEK, Marta SOBCZAK-PIĘTOŃ, Joanna TOKARCZYK, Jerzy TREIT. Exibition also includes photographs of Joanna BĄK. We would like to feed our guests who will come to see our painting – colorful, poetic mark of imagination - with beauty and harmony. We would like to invite you to the world enchanted by Polish and Japanese gardens. / SISTO Gallery - promotes modern art that can be best described as optimistic. The Gallery is the place where artists who recognize positive sides of life have the opportunity to meet enthusiasts and collectors of art who are aware of how much surroundings influence our mental comfort. Art might not solve all our problems but surely has the power to enhance our lives. / The exhibition is under the patronage of BIELECKI ART, which pursue cultural, educational and social projects and suport creative and passionate artists on their fertile development path. / The BIELECKI ART Foundation was established in autumn 2009. Its founder, Janusz Bielecki (a musician and composer), set up the Foundation with the aim of supporting various cultural, educational and social projects. Despite its short period of functioning, the Foundation has undertaken a number of significant initiatives. Among the most important are the five-day "Grechuta Festival Kraków 2010" and a series of concerts entitled “Fairytale Melodies” (“Bajkowe melodie”), which has become a musical educational platform for the youngest generation. The Foundation also has an ambitious support programme for young talented artists. Through its diverse undertakings, the Bielecki Art Foundation has contributed actively to artistic life in Krakow and, indeed, the whole country. Projects implemented by the Bielecki Art Foundation have been deeply appreciated by regional and local government representatives acting on behalf of City Presidents, Marshals of Voivodeships and Voivodes.

"I was born so I'm an artist". Exhibition of 16 artists cooperating with the GALEARNIA: Anna Maria Bielecka, Anna Jur, Anna Masiul-Gozdecka, Joanna Nowicka, Joanna Sieradzan, Joanna Tokarczyk, Justyna Koziara, Katarzyna Modrzejewska, Katarzyna Urbaniak, Łucja Grodzicka, Magdalena Nałęcz, Małgorzata Żurek, Marta Frej, Renata Brzozowska, Sylwia Makris, Yola Zuchniewicz. Centrum Informacyjno-Szkoleniowe PAIiIZ S.A., 12 Bagatela Street, Warsaw.


17th July 2009, “Realm of the warm colors”, Urban Gallery, Limanowa "At the summer’s doorstep we have occasion to appreciate a unique exhibition of Joanna Tokarczyk, the painter from Cracow. The artist will guide us in her colorful, delicate, feminine world . In the “Realm of the warm colors” we will be enchanted by the joyful, fairylike artwork – the painter’s experience rooted in the interplay of daydreaming and reality, fulfilled dreams and those that are yet to come true. The paintings like opened windows let us peep inside the artist’s fragile soul. They allow us to get closer to her internal world abundant with multi-colored, positive emotions. The world in which the symbolic of presentation is fulfilled by the symbolic of the color. The feminine realm that features warmth, love and subtle erotics. Highly personal and exceptionally diverse. Majority of paintings is presented by the artists’s favorite selection of colors i.e. a wide spectrum of beaming red, orange, gold and pastel pink. Opening buds of fiery flowers and soft subtle shapes evoke thoughts of ripening emotions and feelings. The works featuring cool coloring – infused with green, blue and violet metaphorically touches the deepest – spiritual experience. The vernissage evening will be enriched by the artist’s reflecting upon the importance of color in our everyday life, their symbolic and power of influencing our subconscious." / Dorota Ryn – Holcer.


Jerzy Treit on the evening of October 19, 2007 opened the next exhibition of paintings at the Folwark Sztuki in Mszana Dolna, Ogrodowa Street. At this time, in our old walls, we host the work of the extraordinary artist Joanna Tokarczyk.


National Paintings Open Air in Skoki. Organized by Academy of Art in Poznan for distinguishing school-age student of art high school in Poland.